Coast to Coast Logistic carrier partner selection ensures that only top quality carriers will have access to our customers' freight. We partner with many carriers to insure we match the proper carrier with your freight requirements. We follow your load through every step of the process from tender to deliver. Furthermore, our custom-designed transportation management system has the latest technology that provides monitoring for every carrier we utilize and every load that we move.

Freight Management:

Coast To Coast Logistics & Transportation LLC TMS tool supports all modes, including: Parcel, LTL, TL, Rail, Intermodal, Air Freight, Ocean and Multimodal, it supports small, medium and large customers, even the Fortune 500. All of these functions may be supported by a robust, configurable workflow management tool. This enables the Coast to Coast Logistic to set up and control complex shipment processes for each customer as well as implement recognized best practices across the organization. This gives our customers visibility to their International and Domestic shipments via the web.

Coast To Coast Logistics & Transportation's Customers access their information from the web and even have the ability to create their own quotes and track progress. Dynamic process flow allows the system to grow and change with our business and our customer's business.


Coast To Coast Logistics & Transportation LLC has access to over a ten million square feet of warehouse space in strategic partnership locations throughout the US, specializing in all Western Ports. We offer complete, customized solutions for all of your business, industrial warehousing and logistics needs.
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